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22 January 2012

Bargain Shopping

Confession: I'm a little bit of a thrifting fanatic. The problem? I tend to have a pretty expensive taste sometimes. But since I'm nothing but a poor starving college student, I have to make cheap things look nice. Sometimes it's a little hard when I'm on my very favorite website, and I see beautiful pieces like this:
see what I mean? It's a spending spree waiting to happen. Too bad the combined cost would be $120 dollars. But do you want to know something ...lovelee...? (har, har) I was shopping at the mall and found a very cheap option for the same look! Dress: wet seal, for...wait for it...$10! and Shoes: Forever Young Shoes, $30. The shoes were the most expensive part of the outfit, but seeing as they are so adorable and the grand total of the outfit was a 1/4 of the cost, I feel completely justified. And shoes are my one weakness:) And there were some added bonuses of the outfit below (Other than being much less expensive, of course). My dress had sleeves and was longer than the inspiration dress by about 4 inches, making it long enough to reach my knees. Raise the roof! Unfortunately, the dress is no longer for sale, but there are always more outfits to be be inspired by!

My sister showed me a wonderful website called which looks amazing. It takes expensive dresses and shows similar patterns and fabrics to make it for much cheaper. I hope to have time to try it sometime! Well, have a very lovelee day!

--Lauren Elizabeth Esplin


  1. Lauren, you're darling! Can I just bring you with me whenever I shop so you can help me find such great deals? :)

  2. Thank you very much for posting again so soon. You do know how to find a bargain!