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28 January 2012

Family History, shabby chic'd

My Grandma and Grandpa have always been really into family history, and recently my mom has gotten really into it as well.

...I don't think I inherited that gene.

I've never been super crazy about it, but I think I've found a way that I can start to get involved. My grandma Jeanne has a bunch of old pictures of our ancestors, and as I was looking through them the other day, I absolutely fell in love. I was struck by the classiness and the beauty of the photos.

 (side note: that cute little lady up top is my Grandma Esplin. Isn't she so cute??). 

I copied the pictures I liked into powerpoint and started to play around with them. I loved to see the pictures while my mom explained who they were and how I was related to them. Take a looksie:

    I'm not sure if this one counts as family history. It's my sister Briana holding me when I was a baby. But I just love that funny look on her face:)

this is my cute little marmie (mom)  :)

Are you into family history?

Have a lovelee day!

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha, I love that picture of Briana holding you! Actually, I love all of these pictures!