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30 January 2012

Ice Skating, Oversimplified

Tonight my singles ward is going ice skating.

...We'll probably look a little like this:

I believe that ice skating can be easily oversimplified (quite correctly) into 5 groups of people:

Group 1: the ones who go to make friends and get to know each other:
Group 2: the ones who can't ice skate worth beans but don't want to look like a wuss by holding onto the wall. These people usually end up smashing into everyone else without managing to fall down themselves. How do they do it??

Group 3: The ones who go to show off all their fancy tricks (let's hope they stay out of the way of group 2, right?)

Group 4: the ones who are competent enough to not fall throughout the night, but definitely only while skating forwards with at least one foot on the ice at all times:

and Group 5: the ones who go to hold hands or get a little smoochie woochie.

...You know what I mean:)
Christmas Ice Skating Kissing Vintage

I think I'm most definitely a group 4. Nothing fancy from me. What group do you fall under?

Have a lovelee evening!



  1. I love this!!! :) It is totally your style. Plus it is so funny! I'm a group 4 type as well, although I may fall a few times...:)

  2. Haha, where do you find all of these awesome pictures? I love ice skating and quite frankly wish I fell into group five...(wink,wink)