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26 January 2012

Oh My, a DIY: Mini Anthropologie Ordinal Dresser!

My wonderful sister Shaunelle is going to show us an amazing diy project she recently did. She was inspired by an anthropology dresser, found here, and followed this blog's diy post.

Instructions (they match with the pictures, click pictures to see them a little larger)

1. Find a wooden dresser that works for the project. I used the Ikea Rast dresser ($35.00!)
2. If necessary, fill any holes from knobs or handles with wood filler. Then mark where you want to cut the drawer down to make a shape similar to the Anthro dresser (kind of hard to see in my picture - sorry). I used the indent of a file folder to trace the general shape. After you've traced the shape you'll cut it out with a jigsaw tool or something similar. Shout out to my dad for doing that part!
3. After the wood filler is dry, sand it. Then stain the dresser and let it dry completely.
4. Then use pre-made stencils or make stencils with your Silhouette to paint "1st, 2nd, 3rd." You can also print on regular paper, then trace it on the wood. Press firmly to make an indent so you know where to paint. Let the numbers dry and then sand it a little to make it look more weathered.
5. Paint a polyurethane varnish over the top to seal everything in. Let that dry and then start decorating! So fun.

 The finished product:

looks wonderful! What Shaunelle didn't tell you was that the original dresser from Anthropologie was...$998! Can you imagine? Actually, it's not that hard to imagine, since most Anthropologie items are really expensive. Do they have to make everything so dang cute?! Shaunelle said it cost her only $35 to make it, because we had all the paint, etc. at our house. My family really does have a thing for bargain shopping and making cheap things look cute. What do you think?

Have a very lovelee day! :)


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  1. I love the style of this dresser and the price of the total project!!