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29 February 2012

Happy Invisible Day!

I really can't stop thinking about how cool having an extra day in the year is--as made evident in my doodles I made in one of my classes:
(entire page)


(that's supposed to be a frog....)

(an invisible man, drawn especially for invisible day)

When we lived in Arizona I had a friend whose dad's birthday was February 29th. It hurt my 10 year old brain to think that his dad was "the same age" as us. It's crazy stuff, man:)

I have a challenge for you: do an INVISIBLE act of kindness to celebrate invisible day.


 For being such a small month, February always seems to last the longest to me.Are you ready for March? I definitely have been for a looong time-for so long that I crafted up March's scrapbook papers the first few days of February. Want a sneak peak? Okay, but only because you rock.
get excited for tomorrow's release of the new set!

Another reason I'm excited for March is because I've been challenged to do a photo of the day (wellll, I'm supposed to have started that in January, but that didn't exactly happen...). If you want to see the themes, see this post. Maybe if I remember, I'll post the photos. Unless they're super embarrassing. haha!

Have a lovelee INVISIBLE day!


28 February 2012

Braided Roses: A DIY

Hello everyone! Yesterday I was on pinterest and I saw a cute little hair-do for little girls. I decided to make it a little more sophisticated and I did an experiment on my (patient) roommate Hayley's beautiful long hair. I loved how it turned out and how simple it ended up being, so I thought I'd share a little how-to:

I give you, the Braided Rose Crown How-To:

step 1: divide hair into as many "flowers" you want. Hayley has pretty thick hair, so I did hers in five ponytails and braids, and a sixth section french braided from the part around to the other side of her head (seen in picture 2). On my hair I would have only done three sections.

step 2: braid every section (tightly!) and secure with a small plastic rubber band.

step 3: wrap each braid into a twist to form the flowers. secure with a LOT of bobby pins. Try to keep the flowers as close together as possible, otherwise I think it looks a little goofy.

step 4: go on a smoking hot date and show off your beautiful new hair-do!

want to know something embarrassing? This was our first attempt:
I mean it's not horrible but it definitely was not the look we were going for. Moral of this story: If life doesn't work out the first time, try again! and again, and again:) (in this case, it only took us two tries, but it's a good life lesson to learn anyways. haha)

In other news, I finally finished my knitting project that I've been working on for a while (and I forgot how much I love those shoes. Bows! On my feet! happy squeak!) :

and what's with all this snow?? it came out of nowhere. I had Hayley take a picture because the snowflakes were SOOOO big. No joke, they were the size of quarters:

have a lovelee day! and if you do your hair all fancy shmancie, send some pictures my way, I'd love to see them!


27 February 2012

My New Favorite Things

My lovely sister Shaunelle sent me a link to a collar tutorial because she knows that I absolutely L-O-V-E peter pan collars. After reading the tutorial I looked at another, and then another, and then another. An hour later (don't tell mom! haha), I realized that I might be a little bit in love with the website.

Here's the collar tutorial she sent me, and here's a picture of the finished product:
8. be pretty _).JPG
I. will. make. this. And I will wear it. EVERY. DAY :) I just loved how simple the project is, and how it turned out!

The second tutorial I fell in love with was a peter pan collar necklace. It's like they know me or something:
Leather collar 1
As soon as I can find some cheap leather, I will be making this one too!

They also have loads of hair tutorials. I love cool hair-dos. I've seen photos of the "hair bow" technique, but the how-to has always alluded me. Not anymore. Check this tutorial out:

anyways. I just wanted to share my new favorite things with you guys. I'm seriously going to be doing all of these things in the near future (watch out for pictures!)

Have a lovelee day!


25 February 2012

Girls' Night Done Right: a How-To

My roommates and I had quite the girls' night weekend. Two in a row. Some might say we're quite professional now. Would you like to know how to throw a girls' night? Check us out:

that might have a been a little too much fun to make. and the part where I'm crying? I hope I didn't lose your respect :)

Tonight we watched "My Girl". We haven't cried that much in quite a while. zetus lapetus. (ten points to Gryffindor if you can name what that's from!)

well, have a lovelee evening!


24 February 2012

a little collage and a little diy

Here's a little collage I made about my life/interests lately:

1-my sisters and I eating cake for Shaunelle's birthday last Thursday. She took it on her polaroid camera. love it! Ps-the cake was from Maglebey's Fresh. Our family favorite!

2-My AMAZING roommate Hayley and me in our apartment. There's a funny story behind this picture: we have "cleaning checks" at our apartment complex. Up until this last one, I've never failed. BUT the inspector failed my sofa duties because there was a PEN in it. a PEN. sheesh louise. so my wonderful amigo helped me re-vacuum the sofa so that I could pass (which is why the vacuum hose is in the photo). She was so sweet to help me out. She really is a true friend! She's the best! She's really funny, too--she likes to take "stalker pictures" of famous people we see on campus--which is good because I want the photos but I'm too scared to take them! haha:)

3-Look at these amazing sunglasses from the 60s. We've had the pleasure of sunshine and warmth for the last few days, and so I thought of these! I just love the variety.

4-I found this chart of retro eyebrow styles. I think I'm a "Sophia"....what are you?

5-once again, retro sunglasses are what it's all about. I bought a pair the other day that I absolutely  L-O-V-E. Do you want to know a secret? They were from the DOLLAR STORE! don't tell anyone:)

and now my friends, I would like to welcome you to the near future.

haha, if you don't remember what I'm talking about, see this post (where I mentioned that a diy was coming in the near future)

I give you, a sock bun alternative mini-diy:

Have you ever tried the "sock bun" technique?
I have, and it didn't go too well. I think the conventional way to do a sock bun only works if you were graced with thick, long tresses. Unfortunately, I have raaaaather thin hair and I chopped it off to my shoulders at the end of last summer to get rid of all the chlorine... thus, the sock ALWAYS ends up showing and I look pretty cheap-o. 

But not anymore! 

over the 3-day weekend I sewed up a little felt doughnut that was just my size. it worked so well that my sisters asked for some in their size too! (Shaunelle has about the same amount of hair as me and Rachel has long, thicker hair)

You will need: felt in the appropriate color and stuffing of your choice.
(I liked to use felt because it sticks better in hair)

Step one: cut a strip of felt the same/close to the same color as your hair. I chose black for two reasons. one-we had it in our scrap felt bucket, and two-I have pretty dark hair and I wanted to make sure that even if it did end up poking out of my bun, it would just blend in. For my (medium-thin) hair, I cut my strip about an inch and a half wide and a little less than a foot long. (maybe 10 inches?).

Step two: sew that baby up one side, then turn inside out

Step three: stuff it. I used fiber fill, but cotton balls would probably still hit the spot.

Step three: hand stitch the two ends together (make it pretty sturdy) 

voila! the sock bun alternative! It honestly took about five minutes, and it works SO much better.

*I made Shaunelle's the same size as mine, and I made Rachel's about two and a half inches wide.


have a lovelee day!


23 February 2012

This One's for You, Erin.

This little lady happens to be one of my best friends and one of the coolest/smartest/cleverest/prettiest people that I know. I mean, look at that picture. wowza.


I wanted to dedicate today's post to her because she really is super cool. She has a whole wall covered in beautiful photos she has taken over the last year. She enters her photos in an online photography contest, and I am told that she wins quite frequently! I really love that she's super down-to-earth. Sometimes when my head is up in the clouds she puts me back in my right spot:) haha. She has a blog that I absolutely love: I think the reason that I'm so crazy about the blog is because she writes about real things/things that have happened to her, and when things are hard she tries to see the silver lining. I need to learn that trait from her...but really.

And the best part?

She has a crazy side, just like me!
iPiccy: Loading picture
(My other AMAZING roommate that I love SO much, Hayley is on the left, Erin is on the right)

She also drives a reaaaaally cool car:
iPiccy: Loading picture

I have put a little link to her blog on the side of my page that looks like this:
click on it! I double-dog dare you!

Have a lovelee day, and cheer up because tomorrow is the best day of the week-yipee!


22 February 2012

Font Love

I have a small addiction to fonts. They're just so fun! Below is a sample of my favorite fonts, in action. I modified/filled some, so just know that they're not always so fancy shmancy. I looooove fonts. I think it's because it can definitely make or break a presentation/craft. I have about a billion fonts, and I use all of them! haha:) Call me crazy. (don't actually, that wouldn't be too nice. haha)

I'm not sure why the "hello sunshine" font cut off. The font does make complete letters, I promise.

I found most of them by googling "retro fonts" (combining my two loves. see what I did there? haha). The best part about all these fonts is that they were freeeeee!

The font names, in order are:
-Cast Iron
-Wisdom Script
-Airship 27
-clementine sketch
-Air Conditioner
-School Script
-bumbo jiggler

(try googling the font names, should your heart desire to download the font)

if you find any cute fonts that you think I'd be crazy about be sure to let me know!

Have a lovelee day

21 February 2012

Gettin' a Little Narcissistic

And when I say that, I'm not talking about this guy:

although I do love that movie...

No, I'm talking about me. Vain? Oops. Well, here it goes:

I updated my "about me" page.

Is that vain of me? I couldn't decide...

I really hope not. But if it is, here's an apology: sorry.

I added some pictures that describe my personality pretty well, so you should go take a look. My favorite few happen to be:

I also did a fun little craft over the three day weekend that I'll be sharing in the near future, so stay tuned. Spoiler alert: it has to do with this picture, but not exactly/completely:

{picture and diy found here}

And happy mardi gras! My family likes to celebrate it, even though we live nowhere near Louisiana and don't have an ounce of French in us (although a few of us,  moi y compris , took quite a few years of French and like to pretend we can speak the language). We usually celebrate by eating king cake and watching princess and the frog.

Do you celebrate Mardi Gras?

Have a lovelee day


(ps-are you so proud that this was not posted in the wee hours of the night? I must admit that I am)

20 February 2012

A Whole Lot of "Also"s.

Happy President's Day! I hope you all celebrated by watching this:
...but seriously.

we all sang along at the breakfast table, and then my little sister Rachel surprised us with another animaniacs song about all the states and capitals. She's full of crazy surprises like that.

Also, I'd like to give a shout out to all you Russians. You're cooler than you think (unless you already know how cool you are. Then you'd be as cool as you think you are).  I have a friend over there, and I'd like you guys to be nice to him, okay? If you run into a curly brown haired kid with a name tag that says "Elder Brown", he's the guy. He'll be there for two years, so look out for him and send him some love.

ALSO, (I'm full of those today) the BYU Phil concert that I talked about here went really well. We got a great review, which can be read here. Go Ein Heldenleben! Go Strauss!

And my last ALSO: I'm thinking reaaaaaaaally hard about spending part of my summer in Europe. I just can't stop thinking about how amazing that would be, but I also can't stop thinking about how much it'll cost. But when I see pictures like this I sort of forget about the money:

I mean really. I think part of my soul is over there. I better go get it:) what do you think??

Have a


18 February 2012

A Love Story, Explained

Do you enjoy hearing lovelee things? You probably do. Which means that tonight at 7 you'll probably want to go here or tune into 89.5 {Utah only} to hear THE best Orchestral piece to date. I'm in the Philharmonic at BYU and for tonight's concert we're performing Ein Heldenleben by Strauss. If that doesn't mean much to you, that's okay! You can read a background here. For a while, it was the hardest orchestral work ever written, so we feel really honored and blessed to be able to play it! Our maestro is so excited that he has set it up to be recorded, video taped, live streamed, and reviewed by some high and mighty music critic. If that doesn't get you excited, this probably will:

*It's a love story*

I give you Ein Heldenleben: explained through Sleeping Beauty Pictures:

Imagine this: a young hero, who can defend anything, made of honor and class. He always does right, and naturally he has his own theme song:

however, evil abounds and the hero's enemies attack ruthlessly, and the hero begins to feel downhearted until he remembers who he is {a HERO!} , and he is able to fight of the demons [portrayed by a return to his theme song]:

After he has fought of his enemies for the first time [foreshadowing!] he sees a young lady who catches his eye. However, she is not easy to woo and she happens to have quite a temper [listen for the solo violinist]:

They eventually do fall in love, and are in the midst of their love song when a battle cry from the trumpets calls our young hero to war. At first, the hero struggles, but eventually overcomes! At the end of the long battle, the hero and his fair maiden embrace and an "I really really loooooove you!" can be heard in the HUGE ritardando the orchestra plays....right before a return to the hero's theme song:) (By the way, this is really fun for me. Just thought I'd let you know)

The hero has been triumphant, but discovers a few battle wounds. At first he thinks he'll be alright, but he feels them jab a second time, this time even stronger. (listen for the soli viola section, followed by calm music, followed by the same thing the violas played, but combined with the violins this time)

The hero and his dear wife cry their last love song, the solo violin returns and goes higher and higher to portray the growing distance between her and her sweetheart. the hero ascendeds into heaven where he is met with a triumphant shout from the trumpets. (Pretend like they're in heaven in this picture, okay??...)

And there you have it!

Hope you all get a chance to listen in tonight.

Have a lovelee day.


17 February 2012

Pictures and Friends. Friends and Pictures.

One of my time-wasting weaknesses is making desktop backgrounds. It's just so fun, dang it.

this one's line came from my favorite singer EVER, Ingrid Michaelson. Who, by the way, I am going to go see in April. So. Excited.

This was my favorite Mary Engelbreit quote growing up. No lie.
(and props to my sister Briana for taking this and the above picture)

I have a thing for retro stuff (if you couldn't tell...), and I came across this illustration from a children's book (quote added by me).

This was also found in a retro children's book (I added the quote)

this one has a funnnnnnny story. This picture is a snapshot of me and my guy friends at prom. The bench we were on was really fun. If the boys all jumped onto the bench at the same time it would make other person (in this case, me) go flying through the air. SO. FUN. Needless to say, this is where our friends spent most of the evening (by the way, L to R, Andy, Michael [Willy], Evan, and Me).

this picture is one of my favorite graduation pictures. It's me and a few of my gal pals (L to R Caryn, Me, Mary, Alyssa, Jessica).

Have a lovelee day!


16 February 2012

Bach's Romantic?!

I'm studying for a pretty huge midterm that I'm taking tomorrow, so tonight's post will be short and sweet (just like me! har, har).

Do you know this guy?

It's Bach. And he's probably the coolest guy around. 

I already knew that, but while I was studying for my midterm I came across something that he wrote about his wife. I almost cried, and I shared with just about anyone that would listen. So now it's your turn to hear!

"As long as you are with me I could face my death and eternal rest with joy. How peaceful would my end be if your beautiful hands could close my faithful eyes".

I mean really. That's just about as romantic as it gets. I need a Bach in my life:)

I've gotta get back to studying, but I hope you have a lovelee day!