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14 February 2012

Cute as a (covered) Button Tutorial

Well Happy Valentines day!

Tuesdays are the days I teach my cute little violin and viola students. Some days those kids say the darndest things, and I laugh so. hard. ...Today was one of those days.

In other news, I made some super simple earrings over the weekend and I thought I'd share a quick how-to. I just loved how they turned out...I think I want to make a pair in every color! :)

You will need:

  • A Button Covering Kit in your desired size (I think the medium or small buttons look best)

  • Literally A scrap of fabric (I bolded, italicized, and underlined that to emphasize how amazing it is that it takes so little fabric. haha, sometimes I'm such a dork).

  • And lastly, 2 earring backs (available at walmart/craft stores in bulk for pretty dang cheap or you could even re-purpose some of your old earrings!)

Follow the instructions to cover your button. I glued a piece of felt on the back of my button to provide a flat surface to hot glue my earring back on. If I was strong enough, I'd pull out that nasty wire that makes it a button. I tried. And it hurt:)

And voila! It's the cutest, simplest thing to make, I'm pretty dang sure. And I made mine just in time for Valentine's day!

ps-I think it's about time I bought that camera I was thinking about. I need to take better pictures...
pps- did you remember to do your valentine's homework? it's not too late!

Have a lovelee (valentine's) day!


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  1. You already know I love these. Because I tried to steal them. :)