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18 February 2012

A Love Story, Explained

Do you enjoy hearing lovelee things? You probably do. Which means that tonight at 7 you'll probably want to go here or tune into 89.5 {Utah only} to hear THE best Orchestral piece to date. I'm in the Philharmonic at BYU and for tonight's concert we're performing Ein Heldenleben by Strauss. If that doesn't mean much to you, that's okay! You can read a background here. For a while, it was the hardest orchestral work ever written, so we feel really honored and blessed to be able to play it! Our maestro is so excited that he has set it up to be recorded, video taped, live streamed, and reviewed by some high and mighty music critic. If that doesn't get you excited, this probably will:

*It's a love story*

I give you Ein Heldenleben: explained through Sleeping Beauty Pictures:

Imagine this: a young hero, who can defend anything, made of honor and class. He always does right, and naturally he has his own theme song:

however, evil abounds and the hero's enemies attack ruthlessly, and the hero begins to feel downhearted until he remembers who he is {a HERO!} , and he is able to fight of the demons [portrayed by a return to his theme song]:

After he has fought of his enemies for the first time [foreshadowing!] he sees a young lady who catches his eye. However, she is not easy to woo and she happens to have quite a temper [listen for the solo violinist]:

They eventually do fall in love, and are in the midst of their love song when a battle cry from the trumpets calls our young hero to war. At first, the hero struggles, but eventually overcomes! At the end of the long battle, the hero and his fair maiden embrace and an "I really really loooooove you!" can be heard in the HUGE ritardando the orchestra plays....right before a return to the hero's theme song:) (By the way, this is really fun for me. Just thought I'd let you know)

The hero has been triumphant, but discovers a few battle wounds. At first he thinks he'll be alright, but he feels them jab a second time, this time even stronger. (listen for the soli viola section, followed by calm music, followed by the same thing the violas played, but combined with the violins this time)

The hero and his dear wife cry their last love song, the solo violin returns and goes higher and higher to portray the growing distance between her and her sweetheart. the hero ascendeds into heaven where he is met with a triumphant shout from the trumpets. (Pretend like they're in heaven in this picture, okay??...)

And there you have it!

Hope you all get a chance to listen in tonight.

Have a lovelee day.


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  1. I love your analysis of Heldenleben!! Love it all!!