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22 February 2012

Font Love

I have a small addiction to fonts. They're just so fun! Below is a sample of my favorite fonts, in action. I modified/filled some, so just know that they're not always so fancy shmancy. I looooove fonts. I think it's because it can definitely make or break a presentation/craft. I have about a billion fonts, and I use all of them! haha:) Call me crazy. (don't actually, that wouldn't be too nice. haha)

I'm not sure why the "hello sunshine" font cut off. The font does make complete letters, I promise.

I found most of them by googling "retro fonts" (combining my two loves. see what I did there? haha). The best part about all these fonts is that they were freeeeee!

The font names, in order are:
-Cast Iron
-Wisdom Script
-Airship 27
-clementine sketch
-Air Conditioner
-School Script
-bumbo jiggler

(try googling the font names, should your heart desire to download the font)

if you find any cute fonts that you think I'd be crazy about be sure to let me know!

Have a lovelee day

1 comment:

  1. Ooo, the "Hello Sunshine" would make a fun font for a Silhouette project!