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29 February 2012

Happy Invisible Day!

I really can't stop thinking about how cool having an extra day in the year is--as made evident in my doodles I made in one of my classes:
(entire page)


(that's supposed to be a frog....)

(an invisible man, drawn especially for invisible day)

When we lived in Arizona I had a friend whose dad's birthday was February 29th. It hurt my 10 year old brain to think that his dad was "the same age" as us. It's crazy stuff, man:)

I have a challenge for you: do an INVISIBLE act of kindness to celebrate invisible day.


 For being such a small month, February always seems to last the longest to me.Are you ready for March? I definitely have been for a looong time-for so long that I crafted up March's scrapbook papers the first few days of February. Want a sneak peak? Okay, but only because you rock.
get excited for tomorrow's release of the new set!

Another reason I'm excited for March is because I've been challenged to do a photo of the day (wellll, I'm supposed to have started that in January, but that didn't exactly happen...). If you want to see the themes, see this post. Maybe if I remember, I'll post the photos. Unless they're super embarrassing. haha!

Have a lovelee INVISIBLE day!


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