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16 February 2012

Bach's Romantic?!

I'm studying for a pretty huge midterm that I'm taking tomorrow, so tonight's post will be short and sweet (just like me! har, har).

Do you know this guy?

It's Bach. And he's probably the coolest guy around. 

I already knew that, but while I was studying for my midterm I came across something that he wrote about his wife. I almost cried, and I shared with just about anyone that would listen. So now it's your turn to hear!

"As long as you are with me I could face my death and eternal rest with joy. How peaceful would my end be if your beautiful hands could close my faithful eyes".

I mean really. That's just about as romantic as it gets. I need a Bach in my life:)

I've gotta get back to studying, but I hope you have a lovelee day!


1 comment:

  1. No, you need to get "Bach" to studying. See what I did there? :)