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13 February 2012

Linky Winky Woo

Sorry about that silly title. Sometimes I just can't resist myself.

Today's kinda stressful, but I just wanted to pop in to tell you something EXCITING. so buckle down now. You ready?

I participated in my first link party! Raise the roof! Haha, sorry if I built that up a little too much, but I think it's a little exciting. I shared this project on "Made by you Mondays"

so I'm feeling a little cool right now. I'm link number 666....I hope that's not a bad sign or anything. haha!

UPDATE: I am no longer unlucky link number  666, check me out under link number 668! :)

Have a lovelee day!



  1. Cool Lu-Lu! But actually you're number 668...phew.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that too. I think they changed it after I posted it:)