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24 February 2012

a little collage and a little diy

Here's a little collage I made about my life/interests lately:

1-my sisters and I eating cake for Shaunelle's birthday last Thursday. She took it on her polaroid camera. love it! Ps-the cake was from Maglebey's Fresh. Our family favorite!

2-My AMAZING roommate Hayley and me in our apartment. There's a funny story behind this picture: we have "cleaning checks" at our apartment complex. Up until this last one, I've never failed. BUT the inspector failed my sofa duties because there was a PEN in it. a PEN. sheesh louise. so my wonderful amigo helped me re-vacuum the sofa so that I could pass (which is why the vacuum hose is in the photo). She was so sweet to help me out. She really is a true friend! She's the best! She's really funny, too--she likes to take "stalker pictures" of famous people we see on campus--which is good because I want the photos but I'm too scared to take them! haha:)

3-Look at these amazing sunglasses from the 60s. We've had the pleasure of sunshine and warmth for the last few days, and so I thought of these! I just love the variety.

4-I found this chart of retro eyebrow styles. I think I'm a "Sophia"....what are you?

5-once again, retro sunglasses are what it's all about. I bought a pair the other day that I absolutely  L-O-V-E. Do you want to know a secret? They were from the DOLLAR STORE! don't tell anyone:)

and now my friends, I would like to welcome you to the near future.

haha, if you don't remember what I'm talking about, see this post (where I mentioned that a diy was coming in the near future)

I give you, a sock bun alternative mini-diy:

Have you ever tried the "sock bun" technique?
I have, and it didn't go too well. I think the conventional way to do a sock bun only works if you were graced with thick, long tresses. Unfortunately, I have raaaaather thin hair and I chopped it off to my shoulders at the end of last summer to get rid of all the chlorine... thus, the sock ALWAYS ends up showing and I look pretty cheap-o. 

But not anymore! 

over the 3-day weekend I sewed up a little felt doughnut that was just my size. it worked so well that my sisters asked for some in their size too! (Shaunelle has about the same amount of hair as me and Rachel has long, thicker hair)

You will need: felt in the appropriate color and stuffing of your choice.
(I liked to use felt because it sticks better in hair)

Step one: cut a strip of felt the same/close to the same color as your hair. I chose black for two reasons. one-we had it in our scrap felt bucket, and two-I have pretty dark hair and I wanted to make sure that even if it did end up poking out of my bun, it would just blend in. For my (medium-thin) hair, I cut my strip about an inch and a half wide and a little less than a foot long. (maybe 10 inches?).

Step two: sew that baby up one side, then turn inside out

Step three: stuff it. I used fiber fill, but cotton balls would probably still hit the spot.

Step three: hand stitch the two ends together (make it pretty sturdy) 

voila! the sock bun alternative! It honestly took about five minutes, and it works SO much better.

*I made Shaunelle's the same size as mine, and I made Rachel's about two and a half inches wide.


have a lovelee day!


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