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09 February 2012

Love Notes

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. I'm not a very mushy gushy person, (not that I have anybody to be mushy gushy with...haha) but I loved getting little valentines in elementary school. So this year, I want to challenge you to write a valentine/love note to someone that you love in your life (parent, sibling, significant other, roommate. You get the gist.) I even made you some stationary to write your little note on (awwww).

just make sure you don't trust these guys to deliver it, they're he-man-woman-haters! {props to my roommate Hayley for thinking of this}

I also did a little "love note" project last weekend that I'll share with you tomorrow night, so stay tuned for more! :)

have a lovelee day!



  1. This means I expect a Valentine from you! :)

  2. We're he-man-woman-haters, we can't deliver love notes!! haha :) You're welcome!