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17 February 2012

Pictures and Friends. Friends and Pictures.

One of my time-wasting weaknesses is making desktop backgrounds. It's just so fun, dang it.

this one's line came from my favorite singer EVER, Ingrid Michaelson. Who, by the way, I am going to go see in April. So. Excited.

This was my favorite Mary Engelbreit quote growing up. No lie.
(and props to my sister Briana for taking this and the above picture)

I have a thing for retro stuff (if you couldn't tell...), and I came across this illustration from a children's book (quote added by me).

This was also found in a retro children's book (I added the quote)

this one has a funnnnnnny story. This picture is a snapshot of me and my guy friends at prom. The bench we were on was really fun. If the boys all jumped onto the bench at the same time it would make other person (in this case, me) go flying through the air. SO. FUN. Needless to say, this is where our friends spent most of the evening (by the way, L to R, Andy, Michael [Willy], Evan, and Me).

this picture is one of my favorite graduation pictures. It's me and a few of my gal pals (L to R Caryn, Me, Mary, Alyssa, Jessica).

Have a lovelee day!


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  1. I took that picture of you and the guys at prom! Good times! :-)