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11 February 2012

Quite a Weekend

This weekend my family was challenged to spend 24 hours without electricity/heat/water. It started 5:00 pm yesterday and went until 5 today. It was h-a-r-d. I never realized that walking into a room and flipping on a light switch was such a hard habit to break! The first little while we were all sitting there in the dark and we were more than a little bored.


It was my dad's birthday yesterday, and we managed to have a REALLY COOL star wars birthday party for him, using flashlights and the like. 

Picture this, but in the dark, lit by solar powered lanterns and the like:

(check more of the inspiration party here)

The icing on the cake (...that awful pun was semi-intended...) was that my parents recently invested in a solar panel/battery unit, and they stored up enough sunlight so that we could watch Star Wars episode 5 using our solar panel! ...that's right. Be jealous:)

Today my sister Shaunelle and I wanted to spend some time outside. It was SO beautiful and warm out there: warmer than in the house. We took our retro bikes for a spin. We took some pictures and a funny little video. I just have the pictures right now, but the video will be coming shortly!

It was so fun to think of things to do that would keep our minds off of the computer, etc. Maybe we'll try it again some time. 

All in all, this proved to be quite the weekend. I am so thankful for electricity and running water. But really.

Have a lovelee day!


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