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07 February 2012

Snoodles and Doodles

I think I might have a little doodling problem. A few years ago it was my news years resolution not to doodle so much on my notes during class, and that lasted....until the first day of school. Sometimes I feel like it helps me focus better, and when I'm in a test I can visualize the answer next to a specific doodle on the page. Call me crazy, but I'm a doodle believer.

Doodling has also lead to a couple good ideas that I've had through the years. I was with my mom and little sister at the mall over the Christmas holiday and I found this shirt:


I LOVED the graphic, but the shirt itself was a bad fit on me. Probably because I'm (a little) short, so the whole "cropped bubble" look wasn't working for me. I took a few pictures and then later came up with this drawing:

I'm looking for a website to put it on a shirt for a good price, any ideas?

Now for some Snoodles. I' grew up with Veggie Tales, and never really grew out of loving them. hey, don't give me that look:) Just look and them. How can you not love those little veggies??
iPiccy: Loading picture

The past couple of days have been kind of hard for me--just discouraging. But hey--life is full of ups and downs. One of my favorite poems talks about how it's "in the valleys we grow". This is one of my favorite clips from a great episode called "God Made you Special". It's called "A Snoodle's Tale". If you have 13 minutes to spare--use them here. Seriously.

Have a lovelee day (and as my favorite vegetables would say, "remember, God made you special, and he loves you very much!")


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