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23 February 2012

This One's for You, Erin.

This little lady happens to be one of my best friends and one of the coolest/smartest/cleverest/prettiest people that I know. I mean, look at that picture. wowza.


I wanted to dedicate today's post to her because she really is super cool. She has a whole wall covered in beautiful photos she has taken over the last year. She enters her photos in an online photography contest, and I am told that she wins quite frequently! I really love that she's super down-to-earth. Sometimes when my head is up in the clouds she puts me back in my right spot:) haha. She has a blog that I absolutely love: I think the reason that I'm so crazy about the blog is because she writes about real things/things that have happened to her, and when things are hard she tries to see the silver lining. I need to learn that trait from her...but really.

And the best part?

She has a crazy side, just like me!
iPiccy: Loading picture
(My other AMAZING roommate that I love SO much, Hayley is on the left, Erin is on the right)

She also drives a reaaaaally cool car:
iPiccy: Loading picture

I have put a little link to her blog on the side of my page that looks like this:
click on it! I double-dog dare you!

Have a lovelee day, and cheer up because tomorrow is the best day of the week-yipee!


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