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20 February 2012

A Whole Lot of "Also"s.

Happy President's Day! I hope you all celebrated by watching this:
...but seriously.

we all sang along at the breakfast table, and then my little sister Rachel surprised us with another animaniacs song about all the states and capitals. She's full of crazy surprises like that.

Also, I'd like to give a shout out to all you Russians. You're cooler than you think (unless you already know how cool you are. Then you'd be as cool as you think you are).  I have a friend over there, and I'd like you guys to be nice to him, okay? If you run into a curly brown haired kid with a name tag that says "Elder Brown", he's the guy. He'll be there for two years, so look out for him and send him some love.

ALSO, (I'm full of those today) the BYU Phil concert that I talked about here went really well. We got a great review, which can be read here. Go Ein Heldenleben! Go Strauss!

And my last ALSO: I'm thinking reaaaaaaaally hard about spending part of my summer in Europe. I just can't stop thinking about how amazing that would be, but I also can't stop thinking about how much it'll cost. But when I see pictures like this I sort of forget about the money:

I mean really. I think part of my soul is over there. I better go get it:) what do you think??

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