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28 March 2012

7 Things to Love About Me, part 4

Here's this week's installment of Gentri's 7 questions series. Except I'm starting to not like how I've titled these posts. I promise I'm not self-centered...

funny picture for this week (PLEASE don't get freaked out. haha!) :
okay, that's about a billion funny pictures, but my roommate Erin made this collage of all the funny faces I make. I really had no idea that my face was so expressive until I saw this...

1. What is your favorite color TO WEAR?

Blue, blue, blue! any shade. It's just my favorite color all over the place.

2. You are given the choice between visiting every country and landing on the moon. Which would you choose?

I would want to visit every country. There is so much to learn from each diverse culture and country--life lessons that can't be learned on the moon:) It's actually one of my dreams to visit all the countries that I can before I die.

3. What's your favorite animal and why?

Giraffe. I'm not really sure why, but it's been one top of my list for a long time. It's funny: giraffes are so tall and I'm just so short...maybe we average each other out or something. haha

4. You are forced to do one of the following, which would you choose? Sky dive, scuba dive, or this: 

scuba dive! I've mentioned before that I'm a little fish, and that remains the truth! I looooove water. You can't keep me out of it!

5. You are given the chance to go back in time. Which era would you visit?

Oh how could I choose just one?? I'd take a little stop to pre-WWI to visit the folks at Downton Abby, then I'd visit the great depression to hear AMAZING music and speeches by FDR and Mrs. Roosevelt (two of my very favorite people!), then I'd take a nice trip to the 40s-50s-60s for some great retro clothes and some more AMAZING music: a little Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole. all the greats:) Basically, I'd start my my trip at the beginning of WWI and go on from there.

6. If you had the power to remove one thing (ie: flies, mosquitos, junk food) from the earth for good- what would it be?

SPIDERS. Oh my cherry pie, they are just the WORST. Talk about a heart attack. My sweet little sister has to kill them for me. I absolutely cannot even look at them. I have to pretend they don't exist. Which is hard, seeing as my room up at my house is in the basement.

7. What is one thing you've learned from Pinterest that made you think "GENIUS"!

ummmm EVERYTHING. the end. haha, here's a few of my favorites:
 diy fabric covered shoes
to see my pinterest boards, click here

have a lovelee day


ps- I have a semi-embarrassing project to share with you guys this weekend. It's embarrassing because it's super...personal? I don't know. It's something that works for me but it might not be your cup of tea. Does that make sense? Oh gosh, I hope you'll like it:)


  1. haha! Those photos are amazing!! Love them all! And great answers. Yes, spiders= terrifying! I can even attest to there being a lot at your house. haha!

    1. I forgot that you stayed in that room for a while! yeah, they just pop out of nowhere!:)

  2. Haha, what about your fabulous older sister killing spiders? I'm sure I've done that for you! :) I always love these posts...see you soon!

    1. I'm sure you have, too. haha! I know, I can't wait for this weekend!:)

  3. oooh, i love those lanterns! and that photo collage is AMAZING!

  4. Haha, thank you! One of the things I realized from seeing all those pictures of me is that my mouth is HUGE! :)