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31 March 2012

a Beautiful, Wonderful, Very Good Day

Today was amazing. So amazing that I didn't even have time to get part three of the little font series up. sorry about that! But I figured that family comes first, always, always, always!

Here are some reasons why today was so great:

-It's General Conference weekend. In my church we have the opportunity to receive inspiration and uplifting messages in a big meeting twice a year. It really is the best thing. I love feeling so great and receiving new hope and knowledge about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. (and my mom makes some amazing food for the occasion! maybe I'll get her to share some recipes:)

-My extended family happens to all be in town for the weekend and I had a great time with my aunts and cousins today at a little bridal shower we had for my cousin's future wife. it was so fun to see everyone!

-My sisters, my cousin Isaac, and my uncle Kevin and I all had an archery competition out in the back yard. (archery is my favorite sport--I got a bow and arrow a few years ago for Christmas and just can't get enough!)

-It was a glorious day outside--talk about a blue sky. the little photo strip on the left would be me basking in the sun while taking a little drive with my sister. PS: those sunglasses? $1. Oh yeah.

-I spent some great time with my mom, sisters, and my Auntie Pam shopping at a cute little boutique/antique store we have in our little town. Too bad everything was super duper expensive, but it's so fun to go to get some craft inspiration. I have a few new ideas up my sleeve!

See? just an all-in-all great day. Yesterday was my roommate Hayley's 19th birthday. We threw a surprise birthday party for her and it was so  fun! here's a little picture of us celebrating the big day:
Basically, this just might be the best weekend ever.
Make sure to check back on Monday for part 3 of the font series! It'll be a blast.

have a lovelee day (today really was lovelee for me!)


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