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26 March 2012

Brand New Days

Sometimes life gets a little hard, but there's always another day to try again to be a little better: a little kinder, a little sweeter, and a little more patient.  thank heaven for new days.

This is one of my very favorite songs. it is sooo happy and it has gotten me through a couple pretty tough spots. My friend--who also happens to be one of my roommates--Erin also loves this song and she talks about it here.

also...Joshua Radin is really cute. Just putting that out there:)

you shouldn't only live for only for tomorrow, but you also shouldn't dwell on today. One of my very favorite people in the whole world used this quote (or...something to this effect) in a talk he gave this past Saturday:

"by the yard, life is hard, but by an inch it's a cinch!"

Well, I hope you have a lovelee day. And if you don't: I wish you a very happy tomorrow:)


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