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24 March 2012

Fancy Flag Bows: a DIY

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I've said before that bows are kind of my thing. Guess what--I wasn't kidding. The other day when I was sitting in the Phil rehearsal I looked over at one of the girls in the wind section and she was wearing the cutest bow.  I must admit, I was kind of staring. haha:)  I decided I could probably figure out how to make it, and so this morning I did! And here's the best part: it took about 5 minutes to whip up. Enjoy:

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one: Out of felt: cut a rectangle with rounded corners and a small strip of a contrasting color for the middle.

two: pinch the middle of the rectangle together to form the shape of the bow.

three: wrap the small contrasting felt strip around the middle and pin it in place leaving a longer tail in front than in the back.

four: sew or hot glue the strip in place. When this step is done the bow should hold its shape and the strip should be completely secure without you having to hold it.

five: snip the end of the small strip to form the flag and voila! you have a fancy new bow to wear!
I was able to slip a bobby pin through the back of my bow, so it's ready to wear as soon as you finish it.


In other news, you may have noticed that up until this point the "tutorials" button on the side bar has been deactivated. Well, I am making it my personal weekend goal to get that page up and going by the end of the day. Hopefully. *UPDATE: the tutorials page is up and running--go check it out!*

Well, have a lovelee day!


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