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30 March 2012

Font Lovin', part 2

I hope you all did your homework and searched for some super great fonts! I must admit, I got a little too into it...dang it all, I already have too many! haha. So are you ready to learn how to install them on your computer? Groovy, because that's what we're learning about today. Notethis tutorial is for  a Windows computer...I'm sorry about that! I'm sure the process is pretty similar on a mac. Try googling "installing fonts on a mac" and I'm sure you'll find something.

(click images to view larger)

step one: once you have downloaded the font, open Windows Explorer and right click on the file. If the file has a .zip ending, Press "extract all" (if not, skip the next step)

step two: when this dialogue box comes up, press extract. easy as pie:)
step three: open the now extracted folder and find the/any files with a .ttf ending. select.
*note if your desired font does not have a .ttf ending, save this font for the next part of the font lovin' series and choose another one you downloaded that does have a .ttf ending. any other ending (.otf, etc) will not work on a windows computer. Don't worry though, we can still use them through an extra step so make sure to check back for part 3 of the series!*

step four: copy the file into c drive/windows/fonts (the font folder found under the "windows" folder)

step five: close out of Windows Explorer and open up some sort of word processor. check to see if your font is there. is it? you're so cool! type away to your heart's delight:)

In the next part of this little series we're going to be talking about what to do if your font file type is NOT a .ttf *gasp!* Don't be discouraged, you can still use the fonts you downloaded, it's just one extra step to make it work on a windows computer. Stay tuned!

have a lovelee day


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