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15 March 2012

Knitted Bows: a diy

hello folks! have you all been practicing your knitting? I hope so--because the new diy I promised is here!

today we're making this:

are you ready for this? This is probably the easiest knitting project in history. If you can knit regular stitches, you CAN do this, I promise. It's so simple, and I always get buckets of compliments when I wear my little bows. (bows are kind of my thing...)

one: cast on 6, knit until the length is double of the length you desire

two: cast off. I then took another piece of yarn and connected the two ends and knotted it securely.

three: take another piece of yarn and wrap it around the middle a bunch of times to form the bow shape. be sure to knot it securely!

four: voila! a knitted bow! now make one in every color--I did! :) I just slipped a bobby pin through the back and it was ready to wear.

pretty easy, right? I wish you all the best!

Have a lovelee day


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