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13 March 2012

Knitting 101: a diy

hello everyone! I have a fun little knitting project to share with you guys, but first I want to make sure you guys all know how to knit so that you can all make it too! so you have two options: ask a sweet old lady or follow these simple steps:

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one: tie a loop and knot it around one of your knitting needles. make sure it's not too tight--you'll have to fit your other needle in it later on.

two: make a loop with your finger

three: slip that loop onto your needle

four: this isn't really a step, but that's what your needle should look like so far:)

five: continue steps 2 and 3 until you have made enough to get to your desired width

alright, side note: the way my dear grandma taught me has stuck with me ever since: take the yarn up the mountain, around the mountain, under the mountain, and then over the mountain. watch this:

six: take your other needle and insert it into the top loop (this is the "up the mountain")

seven: take the yarn tail and bring it around counter clockwise ("around the mountain")

eight: scoot the loop off the first needle by taking the second needle under the first. ("under" and "over" the mountain)

nine: oh my! you've knitted your first stitch! celebrate! :) continue until you've gotten all your origional loops to your other needle. once you're to that point, repeat steps 6-8 until you're back to the first needle, repeat the steps again and again until you've reached your desired length.

to finish: knit one onto the other needle. knit another, and bring the loop on the bottom over and off your needle--repeat until there's only one loop left, tie a knot and voila!


I know that wasn't the best tutorial out there, and there are definitely tons of resources out on the web, so I won't be offended if you go look those up.

practice hard and I'll put up that super fun project!:)

have a lovelee day,


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