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06 March 2012

Life Rolls On

Well. Today was just so fun. A midterm, a concert, my beloved car nearly reaching the end of its long and wonderful auto-life and teaching 3 hours of lessons later, I liiiiiiiive:)

that was to be read a la mushu. see this picture for a visual aide:

:) I love Mulan!

want to know what I'm crafting these days in alllll my spare time? (har, har) Cool. Look at this cute little project:
Socktopuses: Take a sock, stuff with fabric or plastic bags.  Sew shut.  Cut bottom of sock into legs.

I'm making them for a special guy in my life:) (dear family. here's a hint: "Chancho. I need to borrow some sweats.") I'll be sure to post some pictures when I'm all done. I just need to get through this week, I think.

On a positive note, I listened to a bunch of records today on my record player I talked about a while ago. Thanks Daddy for making that happen:)

I'm sorry that this post was so crazy/random. Welcome to my life! I think it's how I'm coping with the stress of the day, so I'm sorry if it doesn't float your boat. haha.
Have a lovelee day