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12 March 2012

Life these Days

Honestly, my life these days has consisted of one thing: my record machine. (slight exaggeration, but still.) I love listening to all my records sooooo much (just ask my roommates!) I love the pop and crackles  before the records starts--it feeds my anticipation of hearing a beautiful song and going back in time to an age of wonderful music.
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my friend Alyssa and I were at the the library on Saturday and we discovered a secret room full of records. Turns out the BYU library has the second largest record library in the... nation? world? universe? something like that. At any rate, it was definitely a gold find, and I think I'll be spending a lot more time at the library:)

speaking of wonderful music, check out this video: I absolutely LOVE the message:

by the way, there are 3 things that I absolutely love about today:

1) that my beautiful sister Briana and her husband Eric are in town for the week!! :)
2) this lovely warm, sunshine-y weather
3) that my friend serving a mission in Russia (remember when I talked about that a while ago?) wrote me and my friend a letter! letters make the world go round.
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have a lovelee day--I know I will!


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  1. Records are so wonderful! I'm a bit jealous you have one! We actually have my great-grandparents old record machine, but it's missing some part... But that is so neat!