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22 March 2012

Some Great News!

Last night as I checked my email I was greeted by the most wonderful surprise. Take a little looksie:

iPiccy: Loading picture 

I was so happy to get in that there may or may not have been a little crying going on. I'm pretty sure my roommates think I'm bonkers, but hey--this is a big deal to me!

As a side note, Prayers work,  friends! Prayers for comfort, prayers for courage, prayers for strength, prayers for hope. I know that's what got me through this whole process:)

I was also so excited that last night we hit 1.000 views! That seems pretty big to me. As Shaun and Gus would say, "whaaat?!" I even took a picture to prove it:


Are you going to the Hunger Games tonight? I am! I'm pretty excited about it--although I haven't obsessed over it. That kind of thing is saved for Harry Potter:) I saw this and I giggled quite a bit. I'm not going to blow anything, so just take a little looksie:

Have a lovelee day!


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