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23 March 2012

a Well Spent Weekend

Want to know something a little embarrassing? In middle school, I had a room with walls that looked like this:

eeeeek! I'm sure that when I told my mom I wanted to paint my room this ghastly pink color she had to hold back all of her professional-decorator wisdom and paint it anyways, out of love for me. (okay, so it's not ghastly, but I'd say it's pretty's just way too much all over the place.)

well, the years came and went and I moved out to a different room, and with no one living in my old room the pink walls were just about forgotten.

*until* I was kicked out of my room when I moved off to college and given my old room. this room. with the pink walls. yuck.

Well this weekend, my mom and I decided to give it a little tlc and a huuuuuge paint job--we painted the walls a nice baby blue, one of my very favorite colors! And  it's pretty safe--the kind of color that you won't come back to in 7 years and say, "why in the world did we ever choose this?!"

look how happy the walls were to be painted:

we just finished up the painting today (it took so many coats of blue to cover all that pink up). My mom was playing around with the decorations (that's kind of her thing). It still needs some more work, but so far this is what's happening:


and I love it!

Have a lovelee day.


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