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02 March 2012

Your Opinion, Please?

Happy Friday!! I've said before that Friday happens to be my favorite day of the week, and that happens to still be the case:)

Some friends and I are planning on having a girl's night (remember how we're experts at that now?). I promise I do have male friends (who are all very handsome! *swoon*--don't tell them I just did that). And I do like to spend time with them, but a night spent with my gals happens to be one of my ideas of fun.

there will be secrets shared

and lots of giggles to be had

I'm making some delicious cookies for the shin-dig . The mix came from a cute old flour mill we have around here that has been around since 1906.  Look how retro they are! :)
Historic Lehi Roller Mills
They have the yummiest mixes made with their delicious flour. And another reason I love them is because the mill was one of the locations where they filmed footloose (anybody remember Kevin Bacon's punch-dancing scene? oh yeah. it's that cool.)

long story short? It'll be a good night.

In other news, I'm designing some page links for a blog little up-date I'm doing and I wanted your opinion. The blue background is pretty much set in stone, but I couldn't decide on the font. I need your help!  Remember when I said I have a billion favorite fonts? I really wasn't kidding. Leave a comment below with your favorite font. (also--after looking at the word "tutorials" for so long, it started to look reaaaaally funny... haha).

have a lovelee day!



  1. I would say the third from the bottom is my fav for your blog. Hope you had fun tonight!

  2. I like the second one from the top personally...

  3. I really like the second from the top and the third from the bottom! :)