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10 March 2012

Yummy Pizza Bites

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for lunch today some friends and I made some DELICIOUS pizza bites. They were so good and so easy that we just haaaad to share with the whole world.

are you ready for this??



one can of crescent rolls
4 string cheese sticks
package of pepperoni
can of pizza/spaghetti sauce


pop open the can, lay out each crescent roll triangle and arrange 3ish pepperoni slices on each triangle. cut the string cheese sticks in half and put a half on each triangle. Roll up the triangles and be sure to pinch the sides together so that no gooey goodness leaks out the side. Bake at 400 for 10-15 (until they're nice and golden and the cheese has melted). Eat while they're still warm. We served them with a bowl on the side full of spaghetti sauce to dip the bites in--yum yum yum! Yields as many pizza bites as your can of crescent roll contains. Ours had 8, so obviously we made a double batch:)

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have a lovelee day!


1 comment:

  1. This looks yummy and is perfect for roommates/college/apartment living. Or for families. Or really anyone who is a fan of delicious flavor. Well done.