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27 April 2012

the $1 DIY

that's right. $1. you know how I looooove a bargain!
This DIY isn't actually that big of a deal, since it's just 1 little step, but still. I thought it was worth sharing.

Alright: you ladies know about the recent "nerd/hipster glasses" craze? Well, glasses like this are selling from $10+...and granted $10 isn't that much, but seeing as how you can get the same look for a $1, I think that's pretty pricey...and I don't think I'll ever wear these as an accessory but as a photo shoot prop or just for fun around the house.


 Here's how I got the same look for $1:
Dollar Store Sunglasses. Buy a cute pair (yes, ladies: they exist!) and pop out the lenses. Voila! Now you're looking cute and trendy, without having to empty out your pocketbook.

Also, I thought I'd leave you with a laugh. Maybe these glasses are too much fun. (I left out the nerdiest pictures [believe it or not...] they were even more embarrassing than these...haha!)

have fun (and have a lovelee day!)


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