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18 April 2012

7 things to love about me, part 7

I'm sorry for my spotty dedication to posting lately. I just have one excuse: finals. Luckily, I only have 2 more. but still. Anyways, this is another gentri lee "7 Questions" link-up. hope you enjoy!

funny picture of the week:
I have this thing where I cannot watch "kissing scenes" in movies. You'd think I'd grow out of that stage, but nope. At least, not yet:) Anyways, my friend Mary captured this moment at an outdoor movie we went to. Want to know the funniest part? It was "Tangled". Yes, as in the Disney Animated CHILDREN'S movie. haha:)

1) What's your favorite app?
honestly, I don't have anything "touchy" in my life. No iphone, no smart phone, no tablet, no ipod touch (heck, I don't even have an ipod. haha!) call me medieval, but I don't! :) I teach viola/violin lessons and to day one of my students saw my cell phone and he said, "what IS that?". When I told him it was my phone, he didn't believe it--"but it's not touchy or anything!" I laughed pretty hard at that one. Personal narrative aside, I'd have to say that when I play with my sister's/amigo's ipodish stuff, I really like Instagram or the 8mm video camera. We've shot some pretty prime stuff on that...

2) You have to come up with a book title on the spot. What is it?
"Laughter, the Best Medicine" I know it's not too original, but I feel like it'd be a pretty good title for an autobiography of my life, and I'd be able to say a LOT in it:)

3) You are given the choice between laughing at everything, always or being able to laugh. What would you choose?
Welp. This is funny, seeing as how I just mentioned how I love to laugh, so I'd easily say laughing at everything. Because let's be honest, I do that anyways:)

4) What natural disaster scares you the most?
I'd say it's a tie between a fire and an earthquake. Those two scare me quite a bit.

5) What time do you wake up each day? What time do you go to sleep?
Well this is mildly embarrassing. Mom: do not read this answer! I probably averagely wake up around 7 and go to sleep between 11 and 12. Earlier if I try reaaaaally hard.

6) Who's your daddy, and what does he do?
I'm glad you asked. My daddy is a superhero. He can fly. Literally. And he's saved the country a couple times. He'd tell you about it, but then he'd have to kill you:) I just can't say enough about him. He's just the best. EVER. He was in the Air Force for 21 years (Lt. Colonel), and then retired when we moved up to where we currently live. He's now a pilot for Jet Blue. Look how cute handsome he is:
oh yeah, he also loves pigs. That was the nickname for his plane he flew in the air force (the A-10 aka "Warthog") and so we have a collection of flying pigs around our house and my mom got him this beauty for father's day last year. He loooooooooooooved it. And might have chased us girls around the house a couple times with it. haha:)

7) What's the craziest (actual) dream you've ever had?
I have this thing where I don't really remember my dreams. I get that from my (super cool, a fore mentioned) dad. I really only dream when I'm sick or really stressed. But one time I drempt the entire Harry Potter 7 part 2 movie. Crazy, right? Especially since I've only seen it once. It was probably just a bunch of random clips/me filling in the blanks from the bazillion times I've read the book, but still...

Wishing you a lovelee day,



  1. Again- i just love your family! That pig is too funny!

  2. Haha, love the pictures of your dad! So funny!

  3. I think I may have seen you peaking during a kissing scene in a recent movie we watched together. Just sayin'.

  4. Also, maybe you need to credit the source of where you got that picture of dad from? j/k ;-)

  5. I think it's pretty cool that you don't have anything touchy! I didn't for a long time either.. I didn't even know what an iPod was for the longest time.. When someone gifted me a nano, I was like, "what in the world is this?????!" And they had to explain.. Then I was hooked! And yeah Instagram is probably the best app out there..hahaha

    Janette, the Jongleur