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25 April 2012

7 things to love about me, part 8

Hello, friends! Here's my set of answer's for this week's installment of Gentri's 7 Questions:
Funny Picture of the Week:
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this is my little sister Rachel and me at a vocal point concert (remember them from "the sing off"? Well they go to my college, so they put on a concert and they are fiiiiine. So attractive. we were SOOOO excited (do you see that look on my face?? haha)

1. You are stuck somewhere you really don't want to be, do you- walk home, call a friend, or stick it out?
I'd call my mom and tell her to tell me I need to come home! haha:)

2. Do you like to PLAY sports?
With my family, yes. We have a fun little turkey bowl tradition, and it's always really funny playing games with so many girls and then one manly man. Otherwise, definitely not....this girl has little to no coordination, although I am rather amazing at wii tennis. Just sayin' :)

3. Everyone has that one "different" song that they secretly love- what's yours?
I really love that old song, "Brand New Key". I fell in love with it while it played in a car comnmercial, and then I had to search everywhere to find the name:) It's a good one!

4. What is one thing you feel you are really good at?

I'm really good with children--it's probably because I never truly grew up. If a little kid asked me to go play dolls or dress ups, etc with them, I'd be all over that:) I feel like I'm really good at talking to and understanding them.

ALSO: while I was writing that, my mom told me that I'm also good at making really weird faces. We all remember this collage of pictures, right? :)

5. A dog is running in your direction and barking loudly- what do you do?
SCREAM AND RUN AWAY! :) I'm a little bit of a scardie cat. I really love dogs, but maybe since we never had any pets growing up, I'm just not used to and don't understand their different behaviors.

6. Star gazing or cloud watching?

Star Gazing! I love warm nights on a blanket, looking up at the sky. I actually did it last night with one of my best friends! So many great memories.

7. What time of the day do you feel the most productive?
I am definitely a middle of the day person. I'm cranky in the morning and I'm sleepy at night, but I am the happiest and most productive Lauren Elizabeth between 11 and 5.
Well, I hope you all have a quite lovelee day! I have bunches to do with my "send something good" package:)


  1. Ya for ssg!! :D
    I love that you went to the vocal point concert. Haha! Do you know Scott Shattuck? I think he's on vocal point now!

  2. Love that song and love that you were finally able to track it down after we heard it on the commercial. I have another one that I need you to figure out for me, k? Thanks.

  3. I am so glad I found your cute blog on Gentri Lee...I am your newest follower! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

    1. I love making new friends! I'm headed over to your blog right now:)

  4. Um... correction- there are two manly men that play in the turkey bowl.