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02 April 2012

Font Lovin', part 3

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Sunday. I know I did--after General Conference my extended family on my mom's side came over and we had a fun little get together. Oh, I just love family!

Alright, on to part 3 of the little font series. Today's topic is about converting fonts to make them work on your computer. The "file extension" for each font (ex: .ttf, .otf, .dfont, etc.) needed to work on your particular computer will vary according to what kind of font your computer likes to use. For my computer, it really only likes .ttf fonts. If it's anything else my computer will chop the font in half. And that just sort of defeats the purpose, now doesn't it... :) So if your computer is anything like mine, follow these simple steps to get your font to work on your computer:

step one: recognize that there is a problem:) you need to figure out what sort of file extension works on your computer. Like I said, for my computer it only likes .ttf fonts, and so when I see something like this, I know there is a problem:

Oh no! I really want this font! Whatever can I do?! Fear not. Some genius invented an online font converter. And wait for it, it gets better: it's FREE! So here's what you need to do: upload your font. Easy peasy lemon squeazy, right?

once your font is uploaded, there will be a "convert to" option. Select the file extension that works best for your computer. For mine, I searched for the ".ttf" extension. Press it--I dare you! :)

Oh my cherry pie! Look what just showed up. Lucky you! press the converted font file and that little sucker will now show up in your "downloaded" file (Unzipped and everything! Wahoo!). Then follow the steps we learned in part 2 of the font lovin' series to get your font installed on your computer.

 tada! Now there is no font within your grasp that you cannot istall and use to your hearts delight. In honor of the Harry Potter movie franchise opening its set to public tours, I will now quote Gilderoy Lochart:

"Amazing! This is just like magic!"

And on that note, I now wish you a lovelee day.


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  1. Gilderoy Lockhart and you just made my day. :)