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03 April 2012

Font Lovin, part 4

Are you guys kind of sick of learning about fonts? because I'm sort of reaching the end of my font-y knowledge. haha:) so this might be the last font post (at least for a while). I have to admit, I purposefully saved the coolest part of the series for last. So are you ready? Today, you are going to be


pretty cool, right? So let's get started:

yup, that's my handwriting! It's pretty fun to see your handwriting on a computer screen, I'm not going to lie. And the process is actually pretty easy. You just need access to a scanner and WHAM! your handwriting will be available to use on your computer whenever your little heart desires. 

this website happens to be absolutely FREE, but I like the quality of this website a little bit more (it's $10/font, but if you sign up for their email letter they will occasionally send you free coupons, etc.)

the next two images of my little handwriting samples shows the different qualities of the font generators using the two different websites:

using the free website:
using the paid website:
Preview of your font

maybe I'm just being picky, but I kind of like quality of the second one better. But hey, free is free! (not going to lie, I didn't pay for my own handwriting. But I would, if I hand money to just splurge [...not that $10 is really that much of a splurge. know what I mean...])

So go to either website, follow the simple steps and enjoy using your own personal little font!

have a lovelee day


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