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23 April 2012

Good for a Giggle

I've been a busy bee today getting some of my "send something good" projects done, so I thought that today I'd just pop in and share a funny video that's had me laughing for a while now:

isn't he so funny? My favorite part is when he says "ah! he said my full name!" because it's true--when I hear my full name, I know that I'm getting in trouble...

In other news, I spent a great day with my dear Marmie. She's just the best. We went out to lunch together--it's so nice to have that kind of time now that finals are over, let me tell you:)

also, I currently have this all over me right now. In multiple colors.


why, you ask?  well that's a secret:) check back later this week for some exciting news!

have a lovelee day, I'm off to do some super secret shopping!


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