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06 April 2012

It's Raining, It's....Snowing?

So up where I live we've had a beautiful spring going on--I'm talking 60-70 degrees every day. It's basically a dream. I took this little picture a week ago, but just imagine that this was taken yesterday...

Because this morning I woke up to SNOW! What the heck?! The weather here is so bipolar. In honor of the crazy snow here (and to prove to my family that this IS real), watch this funny little video. Luckily it's not that cold up here, felt like it was this morning walking to the bus stop, let me tell you!

Pretty crazy, right? And the crazy thing? Easter Sunday is supposed to be 74 degrees. What? I mean, I'm not complaining about the warm weather, but I just need to know if I can pack away my winter clothes yet or not:)

Have a lovelee FRIDAY! (best day of the week!)


ps-sorry for the lack of projects/tutorials. It's finals week crunch time for the next few weeks...I promise to have something grand comin your way....sometime after the 20th:)

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