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19 April 2012

A Little Bit about Moi

Hey there, friends (and new friends!)

Would you like to know a little bit about me? I hope so, because that's kind of what this post is all about...And I really do promise I'm not self-centered. I feel like I should say that since I talk a lot about myself. But since I'm not married/livin on my own/don't have a boyfriend, what else is there to talk about, really? Besides my family. I talk about them a lot, too. haha:) This post was prompted by the Gentri/Kristy/Kaitlyn "Send Something Good" project I'm participating in. So excited about it!
  • I really, really, really, really, REALLY love my family. SO much. I talk about them more than I talk about me, I think! but that's good, right?

[L to R: Eric (brother-in-law), Briana, Shaunelle, Rachel, me, Mom, Dad]
  • I looooove everything retro: retro movies, retro clothes, retro records (I scored a record player a while back, and I L-O-V-E it!), retro accessories, you name it. If it's retro, I guarantee I'll love it:)
  • I'm really into crafting, sewing, and doodling. I love doing that kind of thing SO much.
  • My favorite color is blue. As in this color blue:
(the sea...*sigh* I wanna be at the beach!)
  • I'm really not a cooker. It's not that I can't follow a recipe, it's just that...I don't. haha! I do happen to love noodles a little too much, though.........seriously. This picture pretty much sums up my life and I laugh so hard each time I see it:

  • I teach viola/violin lessons to the cutest little kiddos on the planet. I get a kick out of them.
  • I'm double majoring in Elementary Education and Music Education. Basically I'll be at school for a long, long time. Good thing I love it, though!
  • I don't like popcorn. Call me crazy. Call me a sinner. But I don't.
  • I might be a little short. But hey, I'm taller than my mom (for the record, she's wearing high heels in our family picture. But I am taller, I promise!)
  • I love to laugh. So much. Ever heard of Brian Reagan? Veggie Tales? Disney/Pixar movies? Funny children? my family? :) yeah. that's all.
  • I've moved around a lot. like I said in yesterday's post, my dad was in the air force for 21 years and so we got to live in a bunch of cool places. I was born in Yorktown, VA and then moved to some pretty cool places--the coolest probably being Korea. Granted, it was only for a year, but I still count it. I also loved Tucson, AZ. That's where I did most of my growing up. I'm a desert girl!
  • I really love to swim. I teach swim lessons during the summer at our city pool and I just can't get enough.

Hope you learned something fun about me.

I'd love to learn some super fun things about you! I got a fancy shamncie new email account just for the occaison (and...similar future occasions. basically from now until the end of time.)
Send me some love:
I hope you'll write me--I pinky promise I'll write back.
...and I hope you have a lovelee day:)


ps-finals are OVER! now I just need to clean and check out of my apartment and I am quite literally home free for the summer! More creative and exciting blog posts to follow:)


  1. Yay, this Send Something Good project is exciting. Can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. oh my goodness your family photo is so flippin cute!

  3. if we can't be self centered on our blogs, where can we be? ;)

    glad to have you participating!

  4. your blog is so cute! found you through the Send Something Good project. :) you have a new follower!

  5. Hooray! :D Finals are over! Congrats!
    I feel like I talk about myself a lot too. But it's the same situation. No boy or family of my own, so who else would I talk about?! haha!

  6. I AM NOT A COOKER EITHER. i love that i came across someone that is in that same category with me!
    xx jes,

  7. Okay. There is seriously nothing better than noodles. Give me some noodles, a little butter, and some grated cheese... Set. For. Life.


  8. Yay for traveling, and that's really cool that you lived in Korea! Veggie tales? Yes!, and that picture about pasta- funniest thing i've seen in a while, and so true! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. I love traveling too :)
    i am also participating in send something good project, I thought this was a good way to get to know more bloggers. Would you like to follow each other? :)

    1. definitely! I love making new friends:) headed over to your blog right now.

  10. Found you through the link up and I'm so glad I did! You seem like such a nice and adorable person. Love the picture of your family. You and your sisters all look so much alike- it's crazy!

    new follower :)

    1. You seriously just made my day! thank you:) I love your blog--super cute!

  11. Yay, send something good. Oh my word I want to be at the beach so bad! Only this week till school is over for summer, I can't wait. I should actually be writing a ten page paper right now, oh well, blogging it is!

  12. I love this post and can pretty much relate to everything you said...(...I have 3 sisters. My dad has been in the air force for 29 years...I love all things retro and vintage...) except the no popcorn thing, sinner!! Haha jk but I love me some popcorn :))