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21 April 2012

Recycled Journals: a DIY

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In honor of earth day being tomorrow, I wanted to do a little earth-friendly craft. I've been meaning to work on this project for a long time. I do this weird thing where I think in poems sometimes. Call me crazy--because I already know I am:) Anyways, I've been writing the poems in a kind of ugly little journal and I wanted to make something a little nicer. Not because the poems are any good, but because I just wanted them to have a cute little house. Will anyone ever get to read these poems? no. not a chance:)

1-you will need: modge podge, paint brush, baker's twine/rope/string/or yarn, hole punch, scissors, craft/decorative paper, regular paper, and 2 rectangles cut from any sort of cardboard box. I used a cereal box. Cut them in any shape your little heart desires:)
2-if desired, cover the "word" side ("Apple Blasts") with craft paper or any other cute paper. watch out for bubbles--I'm a little frustrated with mine, but I think it was just because of the paper I used--it was wrapping paper, which probably wasn't the best idea:)
3-punch holes in the paper and the cardboard and make sure everything matches up!
4-bind with the baker's twine or equivalent, make sure to leave enough slack in the binding so that you can open the journal easily. in assembling mine, I put the side that I covered on the inside, because I liked the "natural" side better.
5-trim off all the edges
6-DECORATE! best part:) if you want to find out how to make that stamp, check out my tutorial here
7-Now the only question left: what will you create?

happy earth day, everybody! (...tomorrow)

have a lovelee day


ps- also in honor of earth day, does anybody else remember watching these guys as a kid? :)


  1. so cute! you're so crafty, i love it! :)

  2. found your blog through send something good!! what a sweet blog you have here. im super excited to keep reading :)