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13 April 2012

Scrambled Eggs: Simplified.

I spent the night last night at my house and in the morning I saw my sister Shaunelle doing something a little bit crazy. When I asked her why in the world she was pouring eggs in a mug, (I thought she was trying to pull a "Gaston" moment....drinking eggs. yuck.) she taught me a pretty great little skill I thought I'd pass along. Because I'm nice like that:) ALSO: don't you love that mug? Shaunelle painted a set of mugs for me for Christmas. wowza! (the others have an "&", !, and "?")

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Here's the D.L. : Pour your eggs into a microwave safe mug/cup and cook them in the microwave for 30 second increments until your eggs are fully cooked. Mine took 2 minutes until they were completely cooked through. (*make sure to check them, sometimes the top is done before the bottom, so if you see raw egg juice at the bottom just mix it up a little bit more*). 

Can you believe it? Scrambled eggs without the huge hassle of making a huge mess. Maybe I'm the only one that wasn't in on this little secret, but I think it's pure genius.

I will definitely be eating a lot more eggs in the future.

And do you know what made this little meal even better? My momma's homemade salsa. That stuff is bottled heaven. I could drink it, and that's no lie.

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also...don't judge that I ate this for dinner. I've had to be really resourceful with what I make/eat until next week when I move back home for the summer--groceries are expensive! :)

have a lovelee day--I'm off to do some more studying!


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  1. Now you can't say that I've never taught you anything! :)