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09 April 2012

Spring Fling: April Scrapbook Paper Collection

Hello everyone! I hope you had the happiest Easter Sunday ever! I went home for the weekend (...shocker...I kind of do that a lot. haha!) and I just loved spending time with my family.

but here's the deal.

I realized that I hadn't made the April scrapbook paper collection, so I got right to it. I finished it up today, so it's ready to roll. Check out the "freebies" tab to view the papers, but here's a little sneak peak to keep you interested:

it's a collection of rather pastel spring-y colors...I'm kind of digging it, so I hope you will, too! It's named after some great memories I made back in high school. Every year we'd have a lady's choice "spring fling" dance, and my guy friends and I would just have a blast. Once we made a cd entitled "Spring It, Fling It" was quite a great selection of cheery songs, let me tell you.

hope you head over to the "freebies" tab and check it out! There's also all the other collections still available for download from past months. Just like last month, click on the picture, right click and then select "save as picture". voila! It's all yours.

As a side note, does anybody in the vast cyber universe know how to save a picture without it losing its quality? Because it makes me a little sad to see things get blurry and such. Let me know in an email or comment if you know of any secret tips to keep everything crisp!:)

that being said, I hope you have a lovelee spring day!


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  1. How do you do it? Those scrapbook pages are amazing!