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16 April 2012

This Is Not a Blog Post

hehe...that title came from my nerdy side.

I've been studying for my music 202 final where we learn about artists/authors/musicians and so on. (It's a really, really interesting class, but my professor's tests are so hard.) Anyways, I thought I'd share one of my favorite artists we learned about this semester. He kind of blows my mind, in a good way:)

Maybe you've heard of Rene Magritte? He's this contemporary, surrealist painter who questions our assumptions about the reality of our world. 
His most famous painting is his "the treachery of images"/ aka "this is not a pipe" series.
he's joking with us, because while it is a painting of a pipe, it is not a physical pipe, and the sentence "this is not a pipe" is also not a pipe. What he's trying to do is remind us that when we see a painting of something we need to remember that it isn't that object, person, or place, it is a canvas representing that object, person, or place. you see what I mean? he's genius!

it sparked lots of pop culture references:
[ the star wars one was my favorite:) ]

but my favorite painting of his is his "la condition humaine":

again: he doesn't want you to worry about whether there's a painting by the window or not: because the whole thing is a painting. Man alive, he's pretty cool.

well, I gotta get back to studying, but I wish you a lovelee day!


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