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26 May 2012

A Doodle for Your Noodle

Hello, everyone!

Today my little sister and I have been quite busy making music videos and planning or (semi-regular Sunday talk show's a long story!) It's been quite a fun day. I thought I'd check in with a little doodle I drew on the back of my grocery list today...for some reason, I've been really into wales lately. And even though it's kinda rainy outside here, (along with yesterday's post) I thought I'd add a little Sunshine to your day for you:
Now I just need to make it to the grocery store...frankly, I'm thinking that's not going to happen...we just started to re-watch season two of Downton Abby. Oh, we love that show around here! haha!
Have a great Holiday Weekend and a lovelee day!


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