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19 May 2012

Double Birthday Bash!

This weekend my friends and I threw a birthday party for two of my great friends, Erin and Mary. It ended up being super duper fun! Here are some pictures of the night:

the invitation:
Double Birthday Bash!
10 points if you can tell me where else we've used those exact flower pom poms:)
 the cake was DELICIOUS.

Everybody: (can you see me?)

 the birthday girls:

it was so fun--we played board games and then watched "what about Bob?" which is one of my very favorite movies. Do you like our Hello Kitty birthday hats? Erin's mom mailed them to her and they topped everything off very nicely, I think! :) After the party, as I was cleaning everything up I thought of a super duper craft! I'm going to take a wack at it today and if it turns out as cute as it should, I'll post it.

I'm off to edit a music video my little sister, friend, and I made last weekend. Let me just tell you right now, it is PURE gold:) haha. We're cool like that!

have a lovelee day!


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