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21 May 2012

Fancy Party Hat

After that fun party on Friday night the guest of honor left her party hats. As I was cleaning up, I decided I wanted to try to make them fancy shamncie party hats (why not, right??). I'd seen similar hats selling at the cutest boutique we have around here called "Dear Lizzie", retail $40 plus. Well, with a dollar store book and a brown grocery sack, this is what happened:

 little ribbons for the chin strap

 fun paper shavings for the poof on top:

 image from the graphics fairy, image link here (sparkled, of course!)

a view from the back:
 by the way, here's the before:
 look how many hats I can transform......So excited!

after I got it all done my mom gave it to one of her friends for her birthday. It was such a fun project--when I make up another I'll be sure to do a tutorial.

I'm linking up today with the Graphics Fairy in her "Brag Monday" series. Check me out--I'm link #49

have a lovelee day!


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  1. What a cute idea!! You have a lovely blog.