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10 May 2012

Late Birthday Presents

Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets behind on presents! This Tuesday I finally got around to one of my very best friend's birthday present. I blame her for having a birthday right in the middle of finals:) It actually ended up being pretty great timing, as it was exactly a month late. Cool, right? haha. Anyways, I just thought I'd pop in and share my project.

During the year she wrote a super cool song on her ukulele and I was such a fan that she dedicated it to me! (thanks, Alyssa!) Anyways, I selected a few of the verses from the song and stitched them with a little birdy for her to hang up in her apartment. You guys really need to hear her song. It's the tops.

First I'm going to tease you with the back. I think it's pretty cool to see the difference between the crazy back that doesn't look like anything special and the front that only shows the finished product:

 Okay, okay. Now you can see the front:)

I framed it and then wrapped it all up!

Yeah, I get pretty excited when I finally finish my projects:)

Well, now I just have about 5 other friend's late birthday presents to tackle now...wish me luck!

have a lovelee day!



  1. You? Late birthday presents? I didn't know this about you! :)

  2. Lauren! This is freaking amazing! How do you make so many lovelee things!?