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24 May 2012

Melting Hearts

Put your hand in the air if your heart MELTED at the end of the American Idol finale last night. Mine was a pile of butter. I've been rooting for Phillip Phillips since I started watching the show about a month ago (yeah...I didn't get around to too much tv during college...) and even though Jessica's voice was incredible, I am so glad he won. ESPECIALLY at the end when he couldn't even finish his song and he went and hugged his momma. I mean really. He's at the top of my list for great men at the moment. If you didn't catch that at the ending, go watch it again.

I love his voice--it's a sort of Jack Johnson chill plus his own little Phillip sound. I love how he can't help but smile when he's singing...oh my, it's just amazing.

alright, that's enough of my celebrity crushing...I should probably stop before I embarrass myself completely. I'm going to go read a book:)  (remember this post? yup still goin' strong!) Were you happy with the results?

have a lovelee day!



  1. this looks a little familiar....haha!

    1. hey, great minds think alike!! haha that is really funny that we posted about the same thing though. He's pretty cute, right?

    2. well i posted first. just a little suspicious. :) but he is suuuper cute!