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28 May 2012

Something Good Link Up/Reveal Day

I've mentioned a few times the "Send Something Good" project I participated in. Well, today is the big link up/reveal day. It was SO fun! I actually haven't received my package yet, but hopefully it just got lost in the mail or something! No matter, I was so glad to get to know a new blogger (secretly, of course!) I had Terri of "life, liberty, and wine"--in her link up wish list she said she loved glitter and sparkles--and as you can see, I might have gotten a little into that! haha:) pictured below are all the items that I made in the package:
iPiccy: Loading picture
I also made her some covered button earrings (tutorial here), closer picture below. For the pair of earring in the middle I found two matching earrings and added some glitter. I'm telling you, I absolutely went to town with the glitter projects!
I couldn't seem to find a Utah brochure ANYWHERE, so I made one. It was actually more fun that way, because I could add all my favorite parts about the good ol' state.

Terri also mentioned that she LOVED anything that made her feel like a kid, so I may have taken a trip to the dollar store and gotten a pack of bubbles and sidewalk chalk...and then kept some for myself! haha. You're never too old for sidewalk chalk, that's my motto.

After I was all finished with my projects, I decoupaged the inside of the box with book pages to make it fancy shmancy and then I sent it on its merry way all the way across the country.

and there you have it! When my package shows up, I'll be SURE to post about it right away.

have a lovelee Memorial day--thank a veteran for their service!



  1. Wait, I want to see the brochure!! :D You're amazing. I'm so sorry you haven't received yours yet. I hope it's on its way!!

  2. lauren you are seriously too cute! i love the earrings and i want to see the brochure too! crossing my fingers for your parcel!

  3. hello lovely! the earring are so adorable! - I hope your package arrives soon.. I haven't received mine either yet so don't worry too much :) x Rin

  4. Seriously, everything is amazing! Hope your pkg gets there soon!

  5. Totally adorable! What a fun swap.

  6. I loved. my. package. I wear the glitter button earrings almost daily. You're a gem, and I'm sorry you havent gotten yours yet!