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25 May 2012

"You are my Sunshine" DIY

Although today the weather has taken a chilly turn for the worst, I thought I'd brighten things up with a fairly easy, sunshine-y, glittery DIY. Sound fun?
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I made this for my "send something good" pal, and I took pictures along the way always intending to do a tutorial...well, a month later, I'm finally getting around to it. haha!

alright, so first you need to type out your design:
I used Microsoft Power Point. Fonts Used: Century Gothic and Honey Script. I put "you are my" and "Sunshine" on two different slides because I wanted cut out "sunshine" and glitter it, and then glue it on the "you are my" page.

Once you are satisfied with your design, print onto cardstock.

Cut out your "Sunshine". You should be looking like this:

The next step is to spread glue all over your Sunshine and apply glitter--I used gold sparkles. I learned just after finishing this project that my family owns spray adheisive. this would have been VERY useful information...spray adheisive works very well for this project. (I made one for myself using spray adheisive)

Go over your "Sunshine" with a coat of CLEAR spray paint, to seal in the sparkles.

I added some scalloped (dollar store!) book pages that I added sparkles to to add a fun background, and then glued the entire thing onto a pink scrapbook page and framed it.

I hope it'll make you happy when skies are gray :)

have a lovelee day!